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Garmin - Fantom 18" Pulse Compression Dome Radar

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The Doppler Effect in GMRTM Fantom 18 with MotionScopeTM Technology simplifies collision avoidance.
MotionScope is a feature of GMR Fantom dome radars that utilizes the Doppler effect to identify and highlight moving objects, such as aircraft, birds in flight, and even weather systems, so that you may better prevent collisions, discover flocks of birds, and monitor changes in the environment. To avoid other boats, bad weather, or fishing places where birds are eating on the surface, MotionScope uses color to emphasize the moving objects on the radar display. With Pulse Compression, we can see more detail while using less power, which improves target recognition and identification. Compatible with a variety of Garmin plotters and displays
High-powered Radar: Superb target detection at ranges from 20 meters to 48 nautical miles, even in cloudy or wet conditions. With a high resolution picture and strong antenna gain, it is able to locate and identify objects from great distances (thanks to its 5.2° horizontal beamwidth). Your Garmin chartplotter will become a virtual weather station, displaying a clear and concise picture of the coastline, other boats, and incoming weather. The results include repeatable target placements, high-quality target separation, and dependable performance.
True Color Imaging: 8-bit true color picture improves target separation and makes it easier to distinguish between big and small targets. Graphs with radar data superimposed on them
Battery Efficiency: Power consumption is low, and unlike magnetron radars, there is no waiting period for it to warm up before use. There are two different rotational speeds available: 24rpm for low power usage, and 48rpm for quick refresh rates.
MotionScope™: Avoiding possible collisions, finding flocks of birds, and keeping tabs on weather patterns are all made easier with the aid of GMR Fantom radars, which employ the Doppler effect to identify and highlight moving things. Doppler effect refers to the frequency change in the radar echo caused by the relative velocity of the object. Any targets, whether they be approaching or fleeing the radar, may be picked up instantly.
Key Features
  • 18" 40W solid-state dome radar MotionScopeTM technology utilizes the Doppler effect to identify and highlight moving items in various colors to assist prevent collisions, locate flocks of birds, and monitor weather
  • Pulse Compression technique enhances the detection and identification of objects by providing high resolution while maximizing energy
  • Target Size enables you to modify the size of items inside the radar picture.
    20' to 48 nautical miles range for detection


  • Transmit Power: 40W 
  • Maximum Range: 48nm 
  • Minimum Range: 6 meters 
  • Rotation Speed: 24/48rpm (dual rotation) 
  • Beamwidth: 5.2° horizontal, 25° vertical
  • MotionScope: Yes
  • Auto Bird Gain: Yes
  • Dual Radar Support: Yes
  • Echo Trails: Yes
  • MARPA Target Tracking (collision avoidance): Yes (Requires Heading Sensor, sold separately)
  • Voltage: 10-32 V DC 
  • Power Consumption: 3W standby; 18.1-24.4W transmit 
  • Data Interface: High-speed Ethernet 
  • Display: Compatible Garmin displays
  • Color: 8 bit 
  • Dimensions: 20"dia. x 9 13/16"H
  • Weight:17lb.
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX7 
  • Warranty: Two years


What's in the Box
  • GMR Fantom 18
  • Mounting hardware kit
  • Power cable (15 m/49.21 ft)
  • Network cable (15 m/49.21 ft)
  • Installation instructions
  • Mounting template

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Fantom 18" Pulse Compression Dome Radar with MotionScope™ Technology.
Garmin - Fantom 18" Pulse Compression Dome Radar
$1,899.00 USD $2,000.00



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