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Suzuki Marine is the leading manufacturer of outboard motors for a reason. Suzuki provides a diverse variety of amazingly efficient machinery with features and standards to suit any application.
The long-established, Japanese-born company has simply brought several of the industry's best elements, ensuring longevity & dependability. The motor types & varieties are known for being tough to break but easy to service and repair, making them the most trustworthy motors on the market. Suzuki has been manufacturing two and four stroke engines ranging in horsepower from 2.5 to 350 for over 58 years.

In all speed ranges on the water, the current models' smooth acceleration and quick takeoff with strong torque are the results of sharp engineering. The ease and comfort offered by a Suzuki may be experienced in a number of ways, including the vehicle's decreased vibration, its light & compact design, and its easy controls, as shown on our boats with swift & smooth gear shifts.

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The Clean Ocean Project is an important facet of Suzuki's manufacturing processes. Providing its clients with great fuel efficiency & low emissions, as well as minimal maintenance costs and environmental protection measures that benefit the worldwide environment.

Suzuki has been honored by the National Marine Manufacturers Association on several occasions (NMMA). From 1987 through 2017, "Innovation Awards" were presented to the DT200, DF60 & DF70, DF40 & DF50, DF250, DF300, DF40A & 50A, DF300AP, DF30A & 25A, AND DF 350A.

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