Sea Chaser


When out in sea, there is no better place to be than a Sea Chaser boat. The name and reputation of the brand speaks for itself, hosting many of the best center console models in the world. Storage, reliability and performance are all qualities customers should expect of Sea Chaser. In the case of heading offshore for fishing or heading out and exploring coasts and reefs, Sea Chaser is without a doubt the number 1 choice.
100 % composite materials are used in the foam filling of the quality boats. These boats were specifically designed for cruising in bays, up rivers, offshore, and around lakes while saltwater fishing, day cruising, and freshwater fishing. The company makes an effort to follow both the highest American and industry standards for boat building. The HFC Series at 20, 22, 24, and 27 feet is included in the collection and was designed to stand out in the deep ocean.
HFC stands for "hybrid fish and cruise," which is demonstrated by the various characteristics and benefits of its robust and adaptable vessel. The LX Series, which comes in sizes of 21, 23, and 26 feet, features a clever V-shaped hull that is energetic and easy to navigate on the water. Among the most comprehensive selections of boats manufactured using the hand-laminated method and marine