What Size Outboard do I need for my Boat?

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Outboard Motor Size Chart for Boat



2.3hp – 3.5hp Outboard Motors: Compact and Convenient

Shop for them: 2.3HP to 2.5HP


Weight: Less than 41 LBS

Common Uses: Canoes, folding boats, inflatable boats, Dinghys, small sailboats, pontoon boats

Honda 2.3HP

With their compact design, these outboard motors are the epitome of portability. Their main appeal lies in their simplicity and efficiency. Primarily designed for small watercraft, they often come with integral fuel tanks and user-friendly carrying handles. They are simple to maintain ,and the most affordable. 

Performance Metrics:

Speed Range: 5-10mph

Ideal for hulls less than 698lb and under 15 Feet for auxiliary or kicker motor applications

Lightweight, compact, and highly portable design

4hp – 6hp Outboard Motors: Enhancing Maneuverability

Shop for them: 4HP - 5HP - 6HP


Weight: 52lbs -61lbs

Common Uses: Small inflatable boats (up to 11.5 FT), larger canoes, 8ft-11.5ft dinghies, and inflatables

Suzuki 6HP

These motors are specifically crafted for a range of applications. Their durability and enhanced maneuverability, courtesy of features like forward-neutral-reverse gears, make them a popular choice for boaters that require a lightweight yet powerful engine.

Performance Metrics:

Speed Range: 10mph – 18mph with light load

Suited for gasoline trolling motors, sailboat power, and emergency auxiliary kicker motors

Lightweight and easy transportation

Robust construction with full forward-neutral-reverse gears

8hp – 9.9hp Outboard Motors: Small Yet Mighty

Shop for them: 8HP - 9.9HP


Weight: 81.5lbs – 130lbs

Common Uses: Inflatable boats (10ft – 15ft), aluminum boats (10ft – 15ft), sturdy canoes, portable folding boats, and light fiberglass boats (up to 15ft)

Suzuki 9.9HP with Tiller

Boasting 2-cylinder designs, these motors offer improved performance, reduced vibrations, and efficient operation. Modern models in this range come packed with innovative features such as low oil pressure and overheating indicators, electric start, EFI, power trim, and power tilt, making them a trusted choice for many sailors. This size has a tiller or remote control option, allowing for more versatility.

Performance Metrics:

Speed Range: 10mph- 18mph with light to moderate load

Optimal for gasoline trolling motors, sailboat power, and emergency auxiliary kicker motors

15hp - 30hp Outboard Motors: The Workhorse of the Sailor

Shop for them: 15HP - 20HP - 25HP - 30HP


Weight: 95lbs – 165lbs

Common Uses: Inflatable boats (10-18ft), aluminum fishing boats (12-18ft), jon boats (12-18ft), fiberglass boats (12-16ft), sail boats, and pontons

Suzuki 30HP with Remote Control

Designed primarily in 4-stroke configurations, these outboards are power-packed. The 2006 EPA regulations ensured that these engines are eco-friendly, emitting fewer pollutants and ensuring sustainable boating experiences. This size engine is perfect for most sailboats and small watercrafts.

Performance Metrics:

Speed Range: 13mph – 25mph with moderate to heavy load

Best suited for river trolling, larger sailboats, and emergency/auxiliary/kicker applications

Equipped with state-of-the-art features, offering smoother operation and reduced vibrations